How to Amplify Business Value with Enterprise Search

corporate-growth-1-1237259-1919x2551 As data continues to pile up on Cloud platforms, file systems, company networks and email inboxes, it’s created the need for many of today’s businesses to simplify the process of searching for information. As a result, many businesses are choosing to implement enterprise search as a means of streamlining things and reducing wasted time so they can engage in more productive and profitable tasks.

Besides this, enterprise search has other benefits and can serve as a tool for improving the customer experience and increasing conversion rates. Let’s now dive deeper into this topic and find out exactly how you can amplify your business value with enterprise search.

Boosting Staff Productivity

According to the global marketing intelligence firm IDC, “the average knowledge worker spends 9.5 hours per week simply looking for information. If using enterprise search software cut the amount of time in half within an organization, it would free up more than half of a workday each week.” This means employees could operate more efficiently and spend more time focusing on critical tasks. Spread this saved time over the course of a year, and you’re looking at a major boost in productivity without spending any additional money on manpower.

Increasing Profitability

skyscrapers-1219508 IDC also makes the point that “in financial terms, you could equate the reduced time searching for information to saving more than half of a day’s pay per employee.” Once you’ve covered the initial investment of implementing enterprise search software, the financial savings begin and will only continue. When your employees are able to painlessly locate the information they need, they become better equipped to make highly informed decisions and capitalize on opportunities. And as employees become more adept and savvy at utilizing this type of platform, their efficiency should increase, which can have a profound impact on your business value.

Creating a Better Customer Experience

While systematizing and hastening the process of employees finding information is often the first thing that business owners think about with enterprise search, this type of platform can also benefit your customers as well. For example, you can help leads find what they’re looking for with greater ease and move them through the sales funnel more efficiently with enterprise search. In turn, leads are likely to spend more time on your site, explore additional content and ultimately buy more products/services.

This system can also be used to construct a customer support center where you can create answers for frequently asked questions. Not only will this reduce much of the frustration that customers commonly experience, it can also minimize customer inquiries, which saves you manpower as well. The end result is a higher conversion rate and happier customers who are more likely to become repeats.

When you examine all of the advantages of enterprise search, the ROI alone should justify the cost and time involved with integration. Couple that with a significant increase in efficiency, and it makes sense on many levels. And as businesses become more and more data-driven, enterprise search is a no-brainer in terms of increasing business value.