How Aldrich Bonnefin & Moore Used Enterprise Search to Change the Game

AdobeStock_71345306 (1) Based out of Irvine, California, AB&M are banking and finance attorneys who have significant expertise in business law, economics and legal trends. They use that knowledge to provide legal counsel to California financial institutions such as banks, credit unions and money service businesses and help them stay compliant. In order to serve their clients and provide them with accurate information, AB&M uses an abundance of data. And because new trends are constantly arising within their industry, it’s critical that they’re able to efficiently input new information while at the same time be able to retrieve existing data.

The platform that AB&M decided to use was Search Technologies, which caters to several other high-end companies such as Cisco, Johnson & Johnson and even the Library of Congress. Some of AB&M’s primary goals of implementing this platform were to:

  • Improve the information search and retrieval process
  • Make it so financial compliance information could be seamlessly accessed by their clients
  • Transition to the future-proof enterprise search engine, Apache Solr
  • Have a user-friendly interface

On top of this, they wanted to outsource the hosting of search so they could be more productive and not have to worry about the tedious process of maintaining a search infrastructure. That way, they could focus more of their attention on providing their clients with the best possible service and grow their core business.

How AB&M Benefited

Digital background image with networking connection and cloud computing concept First and foremost, the implementation of Apache Solr gave them a fast, efficient and reliable enterprise search engine that streamlined the search and retrieval process significantly. And because of the platform’s user-friendliness, it made the process hassle-free and allowed AB&M to accomplish more in less time. Also, they could access the platform via mobile devices for an added level of convenience.

In addition, they chose to use Search Technologies “Managed Search Services,” which meant that the company was responsible for the support and maintenance of the platform. In turn, this gave AB&M more freedom to place their attention on their business rather than managing their search infrastructure. The end result was that they were able to provide their clients with better service than ever before while at the same time simplifying operations.

This case study is a prime example of the multiple advantages that enterprise search can have for companies. Regardless of the industry, the right platform can greatly help companies improve the process of storing and retrieving data – and the positive impact can manifest itself in many different ways.

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