7 Things Top Data Discovery Consultancies Have in Common

top data discovery consultancies A 2016 survey showed that BI/analytics was the number one software implementation priority for enterprise. Whether you’re a large or small organization, finding the right partner in data discovery solutions can be key. In line with that goal, here are some elements the top data discovery consultancies have in common.

1. They take the time to ask the right questions

Just as successful data discovery relies on pulling together the right datasets and making connections, a consultancy coming in needs to drill down from the big picture to find out exactly what makes your business tick. That requires a process of sitting down, asking questions, and getting perspective. After all, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, and communication between consultants and stakeholders is a key indicator of project success. A leading agency will get to know your business, and remain responsive to your needs throughout the process.

2. They have broad and deep in-house expertise

Consider the number one reason for hiring a consultancy in the first place: they have expertise you don’t. In addition, the strength of the best agencies is a varied skill-set. Industry leaders have expertise in areas like data visualisation, data management, integration and UX/UI. Bringing a team with all these elements together with your unique project requirements will ensure that you stay ahead. At Maginfo, our team is comprised of members with postgraduate degrees in data science and related fields, with multiple members having 15+ year careers in data, computer science, and project management. This variety of experience means that each aspect of your project will be attended to by a genuine specialist.

3. They have a track record of real-world results

More than just offering technical expertise, a consultancy needs to interface that knowledge with client’s diverse real-world demands. Some of Maginfo’s past projects have included data visualisation vendors, social start-ups, and labor management. In each case we have been able to deploy the right team to achieve the results needed for highly varied tasks which have been rolled out to serve on a day-to-day basis.

4. They create solutions with the end-user in mind

Data discovery and analytics tools must be accessible to all users, who might be technical specialists, decision-makers, or consumers. Frequently different types of users all require access to the same system. That’s why UX/UI design expertise and customisation needs to be more than an afterthought. When Maginfo was tapped to create a local resource-sharing project, the challenge was to integrate geospatial and other datasets seamlessly for users. The result was a unique distribution system and social network, with an intuitive web-based interface.

5. They are outcome-focused

A McKinsey study found that overall profitability can be increased by 5-6% through effective leveraging of data tools. Marketing ROI typically increases up to 20%. Your desired outcome might not be measured in simple dollar terms, but regardless, a consultancy worth its salt will keep tangible outcomes in sight at all times.

6. They have a benchmarking process

In addition to the desired outcome, there must be signposts along the way. A clear benchmark process is key to project management when working in collaboration with an organization. Agile testing, feedback and iteration will all be communicated clearly to the relevant stakeholders.

7. They follow professional standards

An enterprise data solution requires compliance with privacy and other data governance policies. The best partners will follow professional standards in data handling, and at all times maintain transparency in legal and contractual obligations. Professionalism comes out in communication and general conscientiousness; the best consultancies have reputations that precede them in these areas. A good practice is to talk to their previous clients

Data discovery is increasingly important in the rapidly changing world of business intelligence. Whether it’s for descriptive or predictive analytics, end-user (self-service) analytics, rapid deployment of real-time data, or a variety of other purposes, the right team will advance your understanding and effective use of your data. Contact us ( for a demo or if you have any questions.