Blazegraph Case Study

The field of enterprise search for Linked Data is coming into its own, as the graph of the relationships between data points become a source of information in their own right. Maginfo and Systap collaborated to enhance the capabilities of their flagship graph search product, Blazegraph. We now work with Systap customers as a preferred Blazegraph integration partner. Blazegraph powers many high profile enterprise applications. Customers include such companies as EMC, Autodesk, and Yahoo!

When a database contains relationships between trillions of data points or more
Maginfo delivers integrations that visualize the value

Scope Of Integration

Blazegraph has been a market leader in providing high performance, scalable solutions for graph search since 2006. The platform supports both semantic web and graph database search protocols. Its features include scalable enterprise-class storage with online backup and self-healing.

We helped to build the most powerful enterprise graph search solution possible. To achieve this, we developed Mediawiki Skin, a collection of PHP and JS scripts with CSS styles. We created sample applications such as embedded and remote modes for the Sesame API and Blueprints API. We also restructured and extended technical documentation to include additional functionality.

Preferred Integration Partner

Blazegraph users synthesize understanding and knowledge from the connections within raw data, whether it is structured or unstructured, to find the patterns and opportunities to build their businesses. Users can deliver improved products and services to more precisely targeted markets, and increase their bottom lines.

This project was ambitious, but it matched the capabilities that Maginfo brings to problems in data management. The successful delivery of this project inspired Systap to name Maginfo as their preferred Blazegraph integration partner. We now work with their customers to integrate the capabilities of Blazegraph into enterprise search applications.