Foodstems Case Study

Foodstems is a new way for users to distribute and share local food resources. Maginfo built the platform for this project from the ground up. It had to be a resource-rich tool for collaboration and learning, as well as a distribution system and marketplace. All of these features are capable of generating vast amounts of data, which must be sorted, analyzed and displayed to reveal hidden opportunities and forecast changes in demand.

Local Grocery Distribution

Foodstems called for a platform that leverages the latest characteristics of e-commerce and social network technology, it is a digital system that streamlines and empowers local and regional food industries. The vision was to harness the power of enterprise data management so users can take the initiative in leading democratized local food systems within their communities.

The Foodstems Platform

Maginfo created all of the user interface design, user experience functionality and built the platform for the project. We included product mapping, order management, and shopping cart and payment options integration. We added multiple messaging and communication features, including newsfeeds, and the ability for users to create their own open and closed groups.

The completed project included:

  • Full UI/UX development
  • E-commerce integration
  • Communications and social connection capabilities

The platform aggregates information from all segments of the supply chain and displays it for users. It facilitates coordinated agricultural production, processing, distribution, and even waste management. Users collaborate for their collective benefit at no cost, they search, gather and share food related information, as well as market products and services.