GeoVisual Analytics Case Study

The GeoVisual Analytics platform leverages the latest technologies in Big Data analytics and data visualization. The system combines remote sensing data with ground-based observations to monitor croplands precisely and to support the goal of improving harvests.

Maginfo Integration Brings In iOS Users

When it was time to add an iOS mobile application to the system, they sought a developer team that has expertise in analytics and visualization. They chose Maginfo based on our reputation for solutions for integrating big data and our knowledge and experience with developing for mobile platforms.

GeoVisual needed an integration partner who knows analytics and visualization.
Maginfo delivered an iOS application that was a perfect functional fit.

Custom Mobile Application Development

GeoVisual required the services of an integration team that could duplicate their mobile application’s capabilities on the iPhone iOS format. The iOS application had to match the existing functionality in the Android application and integrate with the platform, caching and synchronizing images and geo-location data in real time.

Services developed or adapted:

  • Client authorization and login
  • Data synchronization and local storage
  • Photo handling and dialogues
  • Geo-location and map integration
  • Comments and metadata handling
  • Client synchronization
  • Validation, debugging and quality assurance

Solution Successfully Replicates Functionality

The interface and user experience we delivered had to fit very precisely defined functionalities. The application had to find the right solution from within the iOS paradigm and integrate it to with the existing system. It had to do all of this while maintaining the look and feel of the established mobile application on Android. Maginfo responded by bringing the experience and knowledge of many previous analytics and visualization to the table. The iOS application for GeoVisual Analytics is another successful project that builds on our portfolio of work.