Inforbix Case Study

Inspired by the surging torrent of data that enterprises generate daily, and prescient insight into the emerging software possibilities, Oleg Shilovitsky (CEO Inforbix) and Anatoly Savin (CIO Inforbix, CEO Maginfo) came up with the idea to create Inforbix, a suite of powerful tools for semantic search in product lifecycle management. Inforbix gives users the capability to search, analyze and aggregate information from a diverse range of file types.

The direct involvement of Maginfo team members in the development of Inforbix product lifecycle management tools represents one of our most spectacular successes. The Inforbix suite of applications exemplifies the highly skilled and creative solutions delivered by Maginfo.

All-In-One Product Data Management

Each Inforbix application offers revolutionary ways for manufacturing, engineering and distribution companies to work with product data and files. The branded application capabilities include:

  • Inforbix Search locates data within a diverse range of product data files such as CAD, BOM tables, and PDM vaults

  • Inforbix Tables dynamically displays engineering and manufacturing data in spreadsheet tables

  • Inforbix Duplicates finds duplicates and similar files, to reveal patterns and overlap

  • Inforbix Charts identifies trends and patterns and displays them as charts, for better and faster project decisions

  • Inforbix Dashboard visually aggregates and displays information to provide clear oversight and control

  • Inforbix Mobile iPad application to search and access company product data off-site

Experience That Delivers Solutions

The developers who created Inforbix also create applications for Maginfo. The team has built a solid foundation in semantic search technology, both for Inforbix applications and for the services delivered by Maginfo.

The field of search for the Semantic Web is still an emerging technology and, as it develops, Maginfo will continue to innovate on behalf of our partners, developing new ways to handle vast amounts of linked data, finding the hidden potential and exploiting it to innovate and to disrupt the competition. With many years of collective experience in enterprise solutions under our belt, the answer is Maginfo.