Summit Seven Systems Case Study

When the time comes to update the operational capabilities of your applications, you need a partner that knows the latest possibilities of the technology and the professional skills to implement them. Summit Seven Systems needed to update and improve their CADWatch public safety mobile application.

Maginfo worked with Summit Seven Systems to radically improve the CADWatch public safety information mobile application and update it with the latest technology. Summit Seven Systems chose us because of our experience developing platforms that integrate data management with great interface designs and user experience.

Maginfo worked with Summit Seven Systems to improve the CADWatch public safety information app and update it with the latest mobile technology


The CADWatch mobile-based event tracking system provides information about public safety events within designated 911 dispatch-jurisdictions. First responders and public safety personnel use the application to have the latest public safety information on hand while managing crisis situations. It has to deliver the right, most up-to-date information clearly, without distracting users from other critical aspects of the hazardous situations they manage.

Improve Enhance And Update

Maginfo acted as the consultant for the initial definition of the project, collaborating with them to determine how the primary use-case has evolved. We created a roadmap for the upgrade based on the state of the art and the information intensive demands that users would place on this mobile-based application.

Once we had accurately defined the scope, we went to work to update CADWatch to Android 4.4. We implemented improved software in Java, enhanced the UX functionality and upgraded the interface with the Google Maps API.

The application now has a new level of effectiveness in tracking real-time data and presenting information in an intuitive visual format. Users now have access to the most up-to-date public safety information for their communities, as a decision-making resource, presented in a format that supports them while they work in the most stressful operational environments.

Matching Technology To Potential

Maginfo’s mission is always to create the solutions that maximize the value extracted from the data. The leading edge in enterprise data is moving rapidly. Information service providers have to keep pace with technology to consistently hold the competitive advantage in their industries. You will be riding on the leading edge when Maginfo is on your development team.