Sync Spot Case Study

The digital world has taken over all of our lives; it now generates data at an unprecedented rate. At the same time, it gets harder to keep track of the many channels of information that bombard us daily. This overload was at the core of the challenge when The Sync Spot commissioned Maginfo to deliver a full-stack development solution for its web and mobile platforms.

All-In-One Social Connection

The Sync Spot is a cloud-based social relationship platform. Maginfo was responsible for building the web and mobile applications, achieving the ambitious goal of bringing together user information from a wide variety of social sources.

The application extracts information from a diverse range of data formats, all displayed on one dashboard simultaneously. For the first time, users can manage contacts, communications and social data across mobile devices and social networks.

Maginfo created an application that gathers all user contact information and activity into one easy-to-use dashboard.

Interface And Experience

The Sync Spot application responds to changes dynamically; it connects diverse database silos via APIs, users can automatically update their data in one place, it combines a visually appealing easy-to-navigate user interface with an engaging and intuitive experience throughout.

The benefit of this technology is that The Sync Spot finds and cross-references contacts on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as websites, email, and address book contacts, displaying it all on one dashboard. This gives users the greatest possible awareness of what contacts are doing and the maximum ability to communicate at all times.

Finding The Big Picture In The Data

We designed the system so that new users have a great experience and the shortest learning curve possible. It provides the ability for users to update contact information once and keep it synchronized across all of their channels. On the back end, the platform has the flexibility to add other customized sources of information as required.

The project to develop The Sync Spot as a platform demonstrates how Maginfo delivers full stack development and application integration, converting disconnected sources of data into intelligent and meaningful information.