Data Integration / Maginfo Importation Tool

Maginfo Importation Tool It is no longer sufficient to find the data; now you must do so in real time, without distortion or duplication. Multiple data storages, conflicting measurements and complex systems can disastrously undermine the value of your information. Ninety percent of all data in existence has been created in just the last few years, and the pace at which it is generated is increasing! So, the sooner you begin working on the solution, the more likely you are to catch up.
Maginfo has developed a tool that simplifies the data reconciliation process and data migration. The tool allows to perform test migrations on real data stored in existing systems at the time of testing, to test migration results and perform adjustment procedures for cleaning and normalizing the data according to migration results.

Analytics & Data

Decision-makers are bombarded daily with unprecedented amounts of data, the rate of data growth is accelerating, and the need to understand the implications and opportunities it produces has never been greater. Big Data is reshaping entire markets and shifting the competitive landscapes of whole industries across the world.

Custom Solutions

In today’s continually changing and often disruptive business climate, if you don’t move forward, you will fall behind your competitors who do. You can now take the lead in your industry by aggressively pursuing the information management strategies that the new technologies make possible. When you do, make sure you have the right partner who has the specialized knowledge and experience to get the job done. With Maginfo on the team, you have the highest levels of expertise at the table to achieve a successful outcome.