Analytics & Data

Decision-makers are bombarded daily with unprecedented amounts of data, the rate of data growth is accelerating, and the need to understand the implications and opportunities it produces has never been greater. Big Data is reshaping entire markets and shifting the competitive landscapes of whole industries across the world.

Maginfo is a team of industry experts, data scientists and business professionals who will provide your end-users with the analytics and data visualization tools they need to deliver winning results consistently.

We have successfully delivered innovative solutions to leading brands, such as Autodesk, Inforbix, and Blazegraph. We can develop a data visualization solution that will give you the edge to grow your profitability, even in the most competitive marketplace, and help you make better decisions at the same time. We provide analytics and visualization solutions that enable you to recognize hidden patterns, discover marketing trends, and sense the nuances of consumer preferences.

  • Intelligence visualization that gives you commanding oversight
  • Big Data analytics strategies and implementation to make results happen
  • Custom solutions that deliver analytics in real time for fast decision-making
  • Extract the information to discover the opportunities on which to build your business
  • Visual reporting that reveals the threats that you need to avoid

Case Studies